Hello and Welcome to McCune-Reischauer.tistory.com,

My name is Intaek Han.  I am the creator of this web site. This web site has its origin in the frustrating experience I had back in 1996, while I was translating a Korean book into English with another person.  Everyone I consulted suggested that we should use the McCune-Reischauer system for romanization.  After some Internet search, I was able to find McCune-Reischauer romanization tables.  I was impressed by the power of the Internet --Remember, this was 1996-- and felt pleased with what I found.

It did not take long, however, to realize that the tables were insufficient.  We did not have a problem in figuring out how the tables worked.  Still, we romanized the same Korean words differently, even though we had the same tables.  I even found that I romanized Korean words differently each time.  Embarrassed, I searched for a "definitive" guide on Korean romanization.  I did not find one.  If I had, I would not have built this web site and you would not be visiting it now.

I have created this web site to share with others what I have learned over the years about the McCune-Reischauer romanization system.  Visitors to this web site should be warned that I am not a professionally trained linguist or librarian.  I would like to also remind the visitors that there are few, if any, experts in this area and they have yet to share their expertise with the public.  

To tell you a little about myself, I was born in Seoul, South Korea, where I lived until I came to the United States for my graduate studies. I was trained in economics and political science and have been teaching international politics and international economic relations at UC Davis, where I am a post-doctoral fellow. On Thursdays, I ride Amtrak to reunite with my family in Santa Barbara, California. On Sundays, I ride Amtrak Pacific Coast Starlight to return to Davis.  Train rides are l~o~o~o~ng.  A large part of this web site was completed while I was aboard Amtrak. 


Without implicating them, I would like to acknowledge my intellectual debts to Clare You, Lily Wong Fillmore, Steven Shields, Rajani Kumaraswamy, and Jong-Cheol Kim as well as the support of the Royal Asiatic Society-Korea Branch.  I also thank Frank Hoffman and Robert Fouser for the romanization programs.  I dedicate this web site to the Amtrak crew who helped me to work aboard.  


Found a glaring mistake?  Want to share your brilliant idea?   Please e-mail me at snucal@gmail.com.net (Remove the second net before sending e-mail.) I would like to hear from you!

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